Friday, July 12, 2013


Language has to be handle delicate when designing. In my case, MapMapker, symbols help to merge the disconnects that may arise due to language, using the legend and corresponding symbols on the map. Even if the legend is in certain language, with a basic symbol, the language disconnect is now connected and understandable. I can not think of any fields where overcoming language disconnects are this simple to overcome, but I am sure there are some. If merging language disconnect is as simple as MapMaker's, share some of your process, if not MapMaker would still love to hear from you. :-)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Mind of Mappers

I think an area that a lot people are weak in is their geographic literacy. I not talking about expert type things; I saying simple things like knowing the difference in North, South, East, and West. My question is what do think can be done in schools to make sure the next generation is more aware and competent in this area. My opinion from an Instructional Designer perspective would be to design curriculums that somehow integrates these skills at every grade level until senior year of high school. What do say...................?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hi, My name is Vincent Walker, University of South Alabama Facilities Management GIS Specialist. Basically I make most of the maps for this department and other academic and administrative departments throughout the university. Since I am the only person in my department that is certified to do this type of work, that mean that there are many others that can be taught to do at last the basic in mapmaking. At least once a week I explain my process of producing these maps in a non-formal manners to different employees within the department. In some cases I have taught fellow employees how to use the software in steps that were easily adaptable. I think as instructional designers, we must produce training that is not so much simple, but adaptable in order to facilitate learning.